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We’ve had such a lovely couple of days.

Yesterday, we dropped Thomas to school before I took Abs to preschool for a class trip to the beach. All the children had a fab time, were beautifully behaved and were allowed to each sit in a lifeguards vehicle and mess with the sirens and radio.

After the trip Abs was due to go back to school but she asked if she could leave with her cousin Archie and her friend Josh. I couldn’t resist her little face so we went with Christine (my sister and Archie’s mum) and Josh’s mum to Christine’s house for a picnic in the garden. They are really like the three musketeers, it’s so cute. It really is going to be a shame when Abs starts school and Archie and Josh stay at pre-school :-(

Thomas didn’t miss out on fun completely. I didn’t collect him from school until 5pm because he had film club. They watched Turbo whilst sitting on cushions and eating snacks haha! He loved it :-)

Today was the pre-school sports day, so again we took Thomas to school then walked over to to get Abs settled in. My sister and I headed on outside to wait for the fun to start. The weather was absolutely perfect and the children, parents and carers all had so much fun. However, whilst Abs did do better than last year (when she barely took part), she was still rather grumpy about it all.  haha! They arranged for Peppa Pig to come and take part too, which was obviously a big hit with the children. I can’t wait until next month when Thomas has his KS1 sports day :)

Author: Karen M

31 year old mother of two and social science student :-)

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